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Developer updates, it's been a minute

I am catching up on my crazy developer life, including conferences, game development, app releases, and more.Contact meTwitter: @UIBuzzWeb site:

Unreal Engine How I use the Game Save Blueprint for persistent data storage

In this episode, I explain the Game Save Blueprint and how I use it for persistent data storage between gameplays.

Learning Unreal Engine from the ground up, Widget and Game Instance Blueprints

I am learning Unreal Engine. I know nothing. These are my journals :)In this episode, I talk about learning how to create a UI for an idle-style game. What a Blueprint...

New app and game released for beta testing

It took longer than I thought to release the new episode because I had been swamped. I have a new app, and the Project H8ck idle game is out for folks (that means you)...

Game development update, iOS weirdness in Unity

An update on my progress as I work to complete and release the playable demo version of my idle game built with Unity for multiple platforms.I had some not-so-fun time...

It's the right tool for someone

Every tool is the right tool for someone. Maybe not you, but let's change how we present our choices and opinions in the developer community, so we do not put off thos...

The latest is not always the greatest

In this episode, I explain why just getting the latest version of a tool, framework, or library is not always a good plan. This always risks introducing problems you n...

Take that last 10% of development slow

I want to talk about the last 10% of a project timeline. When you're developing things, building things, whatever they may be, the last 10% is always the most challeng...

When things get weird, take a few minutes

This week, some pain and some pleasure with my game-building in Unity.Ever had that experience of "It worked yesterday and last week. Why does it not work now"? Yep, o...

Game development update and Unity device screen scaling made easy

Catching up on my game development in this episode. One major bug fixed was the scaling to fit various screen sizes. If you have this problem, then I found a friendly ...

2023 Goal setting and developer game updates

I look ahead at my goals for 2023 and dive into the latest updates for my game in the developer journal.

Looking back over my development year, how well did I do?

As I reach the end of the year, I always look back and see how well I did with my personal goals and choices. I think this was a good year in my software development j...

Why and how to promote yourself as a developer

Some of us like it, and some of us dread it. But at the end of it all, we have to promote ourselves, and I'm going to tell you why it's a good thing and some ideas on ...

Using collaboration to learn, network and make cool stuff

In this episode, I share some experiences using collaboration in public to improve the way I work with folks, learn new things, and create a fun game along the way.

Doing the same thing too long does not make you better

If you keep doing the same thing for too long, you go in circles and do not improve. This applies not only to your skills but work. In this episode, some suggestions t...

Look behind the magic and learn what those tools are doing

Do you know what those fancy tools are doing and how? You should, because sometimes you might not have them and need to get work done. Some thoughts in this episode.

Unplanned features are hard to integrate

Some thoughts in this episode on how boss fights are causing me heartache in my game.

Don't give up when hitting the first complex problem, how to beat it

In this episode, there is some tough love when it comes to those that give up on the first complex problem they encounter and how beating it makes you stand out in the...

Sometimes looking like everyone else is a good thing

There are good reasons that you should consider keeping your UI/UX designs similar to those already out there. Here are a few thoughts on why I think it benefits you a...

Are cutting-edge tools make shipping more difficult?

We all love to try new things, those you see all over the tech news and discussions. But exercise caution when doing so. They might make life far more complicated than... for delightfully easy Web app creation

This week Astro turned 1.0, and I sat down to explore and discover what it has to offer, and just how easy it would be to rebuild one of my Web sites with it.

How to survive and embrace new frameworks

New frameworks and tools appear weekly, and we rush to embrace them as developers. But this can lead to problems.

Generating random game events and balancing for the player experience

Some thoughts and tips from my experiences this week as I built the random event generator for my new game.

Game Dev Journal - How I'm rewarding users for not playing

In this episode, I discuss the idea in idle games of rewarding users for the times they are not actively playing. Why this is a good idea, and how I implement it.

4 Unity packages I always install

These are four packages I use on every project I create with Unity. One is for visual scripting (not the built-in visual scripter), and the others I consider productiv...

Why I use Unity for game development

In this episode, I dive into the reasons why I choose to make my games using Unity.

Tools I use for my projects

Let's talk about tools, the very heart of what we use to make the magic. Here are my most used tools for Web, App, and Game development.


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What Is SwiftUI?

SwiftUI is emerging as a good way to build screens for Apple based platforms like iOS/iPadOS/macOS. It is a declarative language that simplifies the building of resp...

Episode 10 - What is a Game Loop?

Show Notes You may not realize it but every game has something called a ‘game loop’. But just what does that mean? In this episode I try to answer just that with a ...

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