I love making software, I also love sharing that experience with others. From apps to games and in between, we explore it all in this Podcast.

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Don't give up when hitting the first complex problem, how to beat it

In this episode, there is some tough love when it comes to those that give up on the first complex problem they encounter and how beating it makes you stand out in the...

Sometimes looking like everyone else is a good thing

There are good reasons that you should consider keeping your UI/UX designs similar to those already out there. Here are a few thoughts on why I think it benefits you a...

Are cutting-edge tools make shipping more difficult?

We all love to try new things, those you see all over the tech news and discussions. But exercise caution when doing so. They might make life far more complicated than...

Astro.build for delightfully easy Web app creation

This week Astro turned 1.0, and I sat down to explore and discover what it has to offer, and just how easy it would be to rebuild one of my Web sites with it.

How to survive and embrace new frameworks

New frameworks and tools appear weekly, and we rush to embrace them as developers. But this can lead to problems.

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