I love making software. I also love sharing that experience with others. I explore it all in this Podcast, from apps to games and in between. From developers just getting started to professionals. We all have something to learn and share with others on our journey.

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Developer updates, it's been a minute

I am catching up on my crazy developer life, including conferences, game development, app releases, and more.Contact meTwitter: @UIBuzzWeb site: PeterWitham.com

Unreal Engine How I use the Game Save Blueprint for persistent data storage

In this episode, I explain the Game Save Blueprint and how I use it for persistent data storage between gameplays.

Learning Unreal Engine from the ground up, Widget and Game Instance Blueprints

I am learning Unreal Engine. I know nothing. These are my journals :)In this episode, I talk about learning how to create a UI for an idle-style game. What a Blueprint...

New app and game released for beta testing

It took longer than I thought to release the new episode because I had been swamped. I have a new app, and the Project H8ck idle game is out for folks (that means you)...

Game development update, iOS weirdness in Unity

An update on my progress as I work to complete and release the playable demo version of my idle game built with Unity for multiple platforms.I had some not-so-fun time...

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