I love making software. I also love sharing that experience with others. I explore it all in this Podcast, from apps to games and in between. From developers just getting started to professionals. We all have something to learn and share with others on our journey.

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When things get weird, take a few minutes

This week, some pain and some pleasure with my game-building in Unity.Ever had that experience of "It worked yesterday and last week. Why does it not work now"? Yep, o...

Game development update and Unity device screen scaling made easy

Catching up on my game development in this episode. One major bug fixed was the scaling to fit various screen sizes. If you have this problem, then I found a friendly ...

2023 Goal setting and developer game updates

I look ahead at my goals for 2023 and dive into the latest updates for my game in the developer journal.

Looking back over my development year, how well did I do?

As I reach the end of the year, I always look back and see how well I did with my personal goals and choices. I think this was a good year in my software development j...

Why and how to promote yourself as a developer

Some of us like it, and some of us dread it. But at the end of it all, we have to promote ourselves, and I'm going to tell you why it's a good thing and some ideas on ...

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