Why I use Unity for game development

In this episode, I dive into the reasons why I choose to make my games using Unity.
  • I am familiar with the way it works and have been using it for most of my game development explorations over the years.
  •  I can write C# with the help of Rider by JetBrains.
  •  I use a package called FlowCanvas to help me develop the game code visually with rapid prototyping.
  •  I can run the game right there in the Unity tool without having to compile and export.
  •  I can build 2D games just as easily as 3D, something that works with my preferred game creation style.
  •  I can deploy to many different platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. These are the ones I care about the most.
  •  There is good community support and resources for me to solve problems and learn new techniques.
  •  There is a big asset store along with the ability to import stand-alone packages.
  •  There are usually pretty fast updates for any issues and a long-term support version.
  •  It has both Intel and Apple Silicon-based support, this matters for me because I often use both Windows and Mac.
  •  I can also use it to develop applications, not just games.
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Why I use Unity for game development
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